Marbling as a background for other art:  I did a faint, pale marbled background for each of these bird pictures.  A background has to be light and subtle enough not to overpower the picture.  On each one, the area where the figures were to be drawn was first masked off with frisket film (a type of clear contact paper).  Then the marbling was done, and after it dried, the masking paper was peeled off, and the drawing was done in the blank area. 

This is Kiwi -- I put a peacock pattern in the background even though he is actually a green-cheeked conure!

Here are Hansel and Gretel, who are beautiful sun conures, with a light stone marble in the back:

And this is Peaches and Zeke, with a Swirl pattern behind them (it looked clearer on the original than it does here in the scan):

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