Rodeo Poster:  I entered a contest to do the art for a rodeo poster, and won!  (Got $500, too.)  The picture was made by three layers of masking -- the black stone marble, the blue moiré, and a light combed pattern.  Since the posters were made by reprinting the original, I might as well have just done a cut-and-paste job, which would have been much easier and would have looked the same on the reprints -- but I might not have won that way, anybody could do that.  So I did it the hard way, all on one sheet.  Hundreds of the posters were printed, which were stored in the basement of the rodeo president's house.  The basement promptly flooded, and they all stuck together, so very few of these are left.  The original got auctioned off, I don't know where it is now.  The next year, I sent in two more entries to the poster contest, but I guess they decided they didn't need marbling two years in a row (but I won second and third prize both!)


Yes, I printed my goofy shirt too:

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