The Gel-git is hardly ever printed by itself; but it is a very important preliminary stage that has to be made on the way to producing lots of other patterns.  Practically every combed pattern starts out as a Gel-git, or should.  Sometimes you will hear it referred to as a Git-gel, even in books... but at a marbling conference a few years ago, a group of Turkish marblers came, and they were laughing at us Americans for calling it that... they said that's just like saying "zag-zig", "forth and back", or "fro and to".  Actually in Turkish, it means coming and going.  Pronounce both g's like the g's in giggle, not as in ginger.


This is a Gel-git that was printed like a Moiré (with a rocking motion, on folded paper):

This is three-fourths of a Gel-git... I went back and forth three times, then omitted the fourth pass every time.  The spots were added to give it a bit of interest:

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