French Curl:  This paper below was commissioned by the University of Oklahoma.  Their library possesses a book by Galileo, the Sidereus Nuncius, one of only two copies in the world which was autographed by him.  The university authorized several exact replicas of the book to be printed, and the president of the university, former Oklahoma governor and senator David L. Boren, requested me to make the papers for the slip covers that the book would go in.  I used a very antique palette of colors including metallic gold, evoking the Renaissance, since bright colors would have been quite inappropriate for the marbling of Galileo's time.

Sometimes the French Curl is called the Snail, or Escargot pattern.


I almost always work on white paper or fabric, in order to get true colors; but this is an example of a large-scale French Curl that I printed on a brown paper, using light-colored paints:

I don't make orange papers very often (they don't sell), but this one was specially requested by Princeton University.  Orange and black are their school colors, and they ordered several papers in those colors to choose from, to be used on the cover design of a cookbook that they were publishing!  

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